What is uGlow?

Uglow is a part of Ubuy a global Ecommerce company. It is a kind of dropshipping company that offers the best customer service experience along with good business potential. It has an amazing IT and service team to provide complete support to ensure a smooth and hassle free experience to sell your products. We use the latest technology and resources to create an awesome process to enable efficient operations. Uglow is based in Kuwait, the heart of the middle east and offers its services to more than 90 countries across the globe!


The road to Skinception is paved with gold. And that gold has dollar signs on it when the customers you send to Skinception's hub site make a purchase. You're going to make a lot of money. We've taken every Skinception product, including Kollagen Intensiv and the top-selling Skinception Intensive Stretch Mark Therapy, and offered them on a comprehensive website with a purchase cart system that allows customers to add any Skinception product they choose. The more people you send, the more likely your clients will buy Skinception products on the site. You get a cut every time they make a purchase. And considering how much money people are willing to put out for healthy, youthful-looking skin, it's a good bet their carts will be full... You know what that means! Are you seeing dollar signs yet? Send them to Skinception's hub site, where they can find any Skinception products they like, and those dollars go straight on your commission cheque!

Intensive Stretch Mark Therapy

All-Natural Stretch Mark Cream

It's just not fair that stretch marks form on those sexy areas like the stomach, the breasts, the thighs. The buttocks... Remember when you could bare so much more of your body during the sexy days of summer? Or in the privacy of your bedroom? Stretch marks form in these vulnerable areas for a variety of reasons ‐ child birth being one of the most common contributors to these battle scars that women wear. And you'll therefore be very pleased to know that Skinception Intensive Stretch Mark Therapy fades stretch marks no matter where they're located. With Skinception Intensive Stretch Mark Therapy, stretch marks fade...and even vanish from view!

Profollica is a standout product in the hair regrowth industry. Because rather than simply "cleaning" or "purifying" the scalp, Profollica uses the very latest in medical scientific research to deal with the root cause of men's hair loss: excess DHT (dihydrotestosterone)! DHT literally poisons the hair follicles on top of your head causing them to shrink... and then disappear! That's why, as your first line of defense, Profollica actually discourages the excess production of DHT, the #1 enemy of hair regrowth! But there's more to hair regrowth than just inhibiting DHT production. You also need to create a prime environment for hair regrowth. That's why Profollica has evolved into this powerful three-step hair regrowth system:

Step #1 -- Inhibits The Production of Excess DHT with a daily supplement that nourishes the body with our patented, medically approved formulation of 100% natural herbals.

Step #2 -- Eliminates Harmful Scalp Bacteria with our scalp purifying shampoo that actually helps to gently eliminate more serious scalp issues like dandruff, psoriasis, oily hair, itchy scalp and MORE!

Step #3 -- Encourages FAST, Healthy Growth with the follicle stimulator (a.k.a. The Activator Gel), which is sprayed at the roots of the hair after each shampoo.

Most clients report seeing their hair begin to regrow within 30 days of use, with more significant results seen after 60 days of use! It's an extremely affordable alternative to spending $25,000+ on hair replacement surgery. And it's SAFE -- 100% natural and doctor approved. Over 15 years of scientific studies and research have conclusively proven:

Lower DHT Levels reduce hair loss The vast majority of men lose their hair due to a genetic sensitivity to a particularly potent form of testosterone calledDHT (dihydrotestosterone). In the scalps of men genetically prone to male pattern baldness, DHT initiates a process called follicle miniaturization. That is right. DHT shrinks your hair follicles until they die!

First your hair gets brittle, thinner, and turns to "peach fuzz" ‐ and then it falls out entirely. Profollica has been formulated to help SLOW, STOP, and REVERSE your hair loss by interrupting alpha-5-reductase enzymes from binding to your free testosterone to form the harmful DHT. It has been developed to stop hair follicle miniaturization in its tracks. Before it is too late.

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General ‐ Dear Virgoan, New Year 2021 is seen to be quite favourable and beneficial for you. Innumerable opportunities are seen to come your way which might keep you preoccupied and cause chaos for you. Favourable situation of the planets will help to boost your confidence of mind. New ideas will pop up in your mind. Working professionals are about to expect promotion coming their way. Your loyalty will be rewarded adequately. If you stay far away from home, then opportunity to visit home is seen. In business, expect new contracts that will lead your business into a new direction.Invest in the area of your expertise. Expect some finance related good news in the beginning of the year, before 6th of April. Besides, increase in unimportant expenditure, arrival of payments is also seen. Your wisdom will help you to make huge savings for the future. You will be able to invest in land, property and vehicle.

Love, Relationship/Family ‐ As far as love life and family front is concerned, the year is seen to be quite favourable for you. You might also make some new friends. Those who are already involved in a relationship, expect the support of your family members to tie the knot. Unmarried individuals are about to expect acceptable proposals.

Education ‐ For students, pious stars are seen to be favourable for your academic prospects. Admission to desired institution and favourable results of your examinations is clearly indicated. You might also fulfill your desire to pursue your higher studies abroad. You are advised to pay more attention to the value of time and make the most of it. Expect job placement through placement cells in your institution.

Career ‐ For your professional matters, this year is going to be more than auspicious, for your delight. Acknowledgement of your hard work and out of the box thinking capacity will make your base strong enough and this will help you to march ahead. You might also fulfill your desire to accept new challenges successfully. You are supposed to pay more attention to the minute details of those projects which are the most important for your progress. Expect job change in the second half of this year.

Health ‐ As far as health and wellness are concerned, it will remain good enough throughout the year. However, the health condition of your soul mate might worry you. Provide proper medicare.

Remedies ‐ To attain peace, happiness and prosperity, you are advised to perform the Ganesh Upasana, on a regular basis.



a. Multi‐Cap Funds ‐ These schemes invests at least 65% of the total assets in in equity and equity-related instruments.

b. Large Cap Funds ‐ These schemes are required to make a minimum investment of 80% of the total assets in the equity and equity related instruments of large cap companies.

c. Large & Mid‐Cap Funds ‐ The schemes need to make a minimum investment of at least 35% of total assets in both large cap and mid cap companies each.

d. Mid‐Cap Funds ‐ 65% of the total assets should be invested in the equity and equity related instruments of mid cap companies for this scheme.

e. Small‐Cap Funds ‐ The investment required by the scheme in equity and equity-related instrument of small cap companies is 65% of the total assets.

f. Dividend Yield Funds ‐ This scheme primarily investments in dividend yielding stocks. The minimum investment required is 65% of the total assets in equity instruments.

g. Value Funds ‐ The scheme follows a value investment strategy and is mandated to invest at least 65% of the total assets in equity and equity related instruments.

h. Contra Funds ‐ The contra fund scheme should have a minimum investment of 65% of the total assets in equity instruments. A contrarian investment strategy should be followed by these schemes.

i. Focused Funds ‐ This scheme invests in equity & equity-related instruments of a limited number of companies not exceeding 30. At least 65% of the total assets will be invested in aforementioned instruments of companies across market capitalization.

j. Sectoral/Thematic ‐ An open-ended equity linked saving scheme has a compulsory holding period of 3 years but provides tax benefit to the investor. The scheme is required to make a minimum investment of at least 80% of the total assets in equity and equity-related instruments.

k. ELSS ‐ An open-ended equity linked saving scheme has a compulsory holding period of 3 years but provides tax benefit to the investor. The scheme is required to make a minimum investment of at least 80% of the total assets in equity and equity-related instruments.






The Web needs to be more than functional or great looking. It is a complicated business and webmasters are now kept on their toes trying to get higher rankings on search engines to test the strength of knights where yesteryears went through.


The dot com era proved that just building it isn't enough. The chicken and the egg issue exists - you need customers to get customers... and attempting to launch a web site, is that issue on steroids. So, how to get traction?


In this race for supremacy it is important to avoid duplicate content & its penalties. Search engine optimization for your website should be one of a webmaster's main goals. Getting traffic from the search engines is not only free but also constant.


Directory submission is the process of submitting to the directories. The free listing option is the most popular choice among webmasters. With this option, you don't have to pay a cent to get your site listed on the directories.


When you begin the task of acquiring quality and relevant backlinks to your website there are many factors that can increase or decrease your search engine rankings. This outlines the difference between good and bad backlinks.


For many businesses, having a Facebook Page is an effective way to promote their products and services throughout. Let your upper management creates an environment which is central to having search strategies a priority.





We provide exclusive services to our clients and there are two methods of using the services available on our platform: (1) Self-Managed; and (2) Managed. Self-Managed services shall mean those services provided to you through your Account on the Platform, whereby all actions and/or modifications made to any Advertising Campaigns shall be decided and made solely by you. Self-Managed services are provided by IE Business Groups (Bell & Company), a company incorporated and registered in Google MyBusiness. Managed Services shall mean those services provided through our Account on the Platform which require assistance from us (such as but not limited to creating and editing your Advertising Campaigns). Managed Services shall be provided to you via e-mail or messengers and are provided by IE Business Center (Web1 Studios).

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All website design and development services are the subject to variable advance fee, unless otherwise agreed by the Client & Our Administration as a powerful combination of the most desired features & D-I-Y interface.





















When choosing an affiliate program, you'll want to keep in-mind the avenues or platforms your audience spends the majority of their time ‐ for instance, does your buyer persona typically read blog posts, or scroll Facebook?

Most of your buyers need to conduct research on that topic before purchasing ‐ if that's the case, it might be a good idea to research the top review sites related to your product or service & reach out to the business.

The affiliate programs are pay-per-lead and pay-per sale. These programs are the least expensive online advertising tool for driving traffic to a website. Unlike pay-per-view or pay-per-click, affiliate programs pay based on performance.

Simply put, an affiliate program is an agreement in which one business pays another business or influencer a commission for sending traffic and/or sales their way. It can be achieved through web content or product integration.


Access our site projects we use to monetise our own list building endeavours with Built-In integration with payment gateways, intuitive admin & user interface with features for customization that allows you to automate and simplify the realty business process.